We are organized for the purpose of nurturing a culture of connection and reminding individuals, particularly those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder, that they are not alone in their struggles. By raising funds and offering experiential services, we will support all individuals actively engaged in healing modalities and programs in experiencing the restorative properties of the natural environment. We will provide access to experiential service providers, aiding those in recovery by promoting a connection to nature and working in collaboration with other like-minded organizations to support the continuum of care for individuals living with Substance Use Disorder.


PIVOTPoint WNC was born from experience. The elimination of overextended coping skills is a profound place to start the journey. This step is the foundation of experiencing all that life has to offer. Now that you have made the decision to set down those behaviors that have stunted your growth and walled you off from participating in the dance, just how far can you take this opportunity? 


PIVOTPoint WNC provides mindfulness-centered, therapeutic wilderness experiences to those recovering from substance use disorder ⎯ promoting connection, compassion, and character.

PIVOTPoint WNC sees life as the opportunity to experience anything and everything. If you have already made a commitment to change your approach to life, you have taken a powerful step towards a piece of mind you may not be able to fully grasp. We are simply here to offer up the possibility for continued growth through the embrace of
self-reflection and connection to nature.

We are a collaborative of compassionate, spiritually-minded individuals from all walks of life. Some of us have an intimate and personal familiarity with the depths to which life can sometimes lead. We know first hand the perceived unyielding presence of those depths. We know, too, the joy and freedom that comes with holding life gently, pausing for a moment, and seeking another way.

Why not?

PIVOTPoint WNC provides safe, supportive and empowering, mindfulness-based cultivation to individuals across North Carolina. At PIVOTPoint WNC, we strive to utilize evidence-based models of care to support those seeking healing and a mindful approach to life. While exploring mindfulness practice and its benefits, we are all about living more joyful, adventurous days and establishing solid footing to best embrace our path.

Our facilitators are experienced in the Substance Use Disorder field: at various stages of certified substance abuse counselor credentialing and/or experienced mentors, guides, and group leaders of those currently navigating life with Substance Use Disorder. We all carry current wilderness safety training credentialing as well - either Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certifications from nationally recognized wilderness medicine organizations, such as NOLS,  SOLO Southeast, and internationally recognized organizations, such as Wilderness Medical Associates International. Offering up the most current wilderness medicine to best assure the safety of our participants.


PIVOTPoint WNC is a for-purpose, nonprofit organization providing mindfulness-centered therapeutic wilderness experiences to those recovering from substance use disorder - cultivating connection, compassion, and character.


(828) 528-3373

Asheville, NC

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PIVOTPoint WNC operates under a permit by the United States Forest Service and is an equal opportunity services provider.

Regardless of precaution, outdoor and other sporting activities are dangerous and carry with them inherent risk of injury and loss.

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